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Main Eye Tracker Lab

The BYU eye tracking lab is located in the Joseph F Smith Building (JFSB).

Room 1053A is on the first floor, south side, inside the student assistants' room (1053). See map below.

Eye Tracking Lab Map

MRI Research Facility

We sometimes conduct research at the BYU MRI Research Facility.

More info can be found here:

RB Eye Tracker Lab

There is an eye-tracker in the Richards Building (RB) that we use in collaboration with other labs.

This lab is in the FHSS Research Suite (221 RB).

Humanities Eye-Tracking Lab

We also sometimes conduct research in collaboration with colleagues in the College of Humanities.

This lab is located in room B161A Joseph F. Smith Building (JFSB), on the north side of the JFSB basement.

Contact Us

Lab email:

For Dr. Luke's contact information, go HERE​.